Zoe Foster Blake is really freaking cool. She is equal parts hilarious, stylish and savvy on the skin care front which is why we (quite right rightly!) assumed that her knowledge may extend to good food too. Check out her foodie recommendations and a bit of general knowledge about this fabulous babe below. Introducing Zoe Foster Blake x

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Zoe Foster Blake and I would eat breakfast for every meal if it wasn’t socially frowned upon/viewed as lazy and unimaginative. I am the founder and creative director of Go-To, and the author of Amazinger Face and The Wrong Girl and other books that you should definitely read, according to my mum and also Beyonce.

We are LOVING Go-To Skincare! Where did the idea come from?

Hey, thanks! I was a beauty editor for a long time, and had the joy/privilege of using and testing ALL the beauty products, from supermarket cheapies, to obscure Hungarian organic spa brands. As a result, I have a good idea of what actually works, and what is hype and marketing. I also know how confusing and intimidating skin care can be for women, which is a shame. I wanted to create a simple range of essentials that actually worked, that I personally and selfishly wanted to use, that was easy and enjoyable to use, and devoid of bullshit. Also it had to be cruelty and irritant-free. But mostly, I wanted to have FUN. Beauty is so earnest! It needn’t be. It’s just oils and creams after all. Enjoy yourself!

…and what’s your secret to beautiful skin – do you have a set morning routine?

Nope. I just pistol fingers myself in the mirror and go.

HA HA HA AS IF. First I scrape my tongue with a tongue scraper. It’s gross… but it’s FAR more gross not to, trust me. Then I brush my teeth, and cleanse with Go-To Properly Clean. I apply some form of pigment-fighting serum, (currently Societe Triple C), then I apply Go-To Face Hero for hydration and antioxidants, then a physical sunscreen, (currently Coola).

Speaking of morning routines… What are your top cafes for breakfast in Melbourne?

Oooh, tough question. I can never think of this on the spot or at 8am on Saturday morning when I’m starving. Okay. Coffee and magical croissants at Lune is my Ultimate Breakfast, obviously. Archie’s crispy eggs are surprising and very tasty. Darling Café in South Yarra has this peanut butter waffle tower right outta heaven. SMAK in South Yarra is good at healthy, hearty nutrition. Rustica’s pastries are terrific for at-home brunches. Barry’s pancakes are spectacular. I love the baked eggs at Mitte in North Fitzroy, and if it’s off-peak (queuing for breakfast + empty tum = bad time for all), Kettle Black and Top Paddock are classy as hell. Finally, and look, this is controversial, but a classic stack of pancakes with bacon, eggs, whipped butter and maple sizz at Pancake Parlour is my ultimate. I go there far more than I should be admitting on a hip Melbourne breakfast site. I’ll lie and say it’s because my son likes it, but it’s for me. It’s for me.

Best spots to grab dinner in Melbourne?

I’m a beast of habit: Chin Chin, Kong, Longrain, Tonka, Supermaxi, Supernormal, Baby, Mamasita, Gazi and Nobu are all foolproof and flawless. Marion and Ricky & Pinky are our newest favourites. They excel in strong cocktails and simple, delicious food. I’m not really into fine dining. Give me pasta, pizza, fish or fried chicken and I’m happy.

When you’re at home, what’s your go-to snack?

As you might have noticed, I am pro-pancake. I make these healthy, earnest, insufferable ones for breakfast, arvo tea or dessert.

One banana, two eggs, two tablespoons of almond meal, and half a teaspoon of baking powder. Wizz up in the nutribullet then use as batter and cook.

I top with yoghurt, pecans and maple syrup and woof down in around 34 seconds.

Best meal you’ve ever had?

Ridiculous question! Impossible! Okay, okay, I have a good one, but be warned, it’s wanky: We went to Italy in July and had lunch at this villa in the countryside of Sicily (Country House Villadorata). It wasn’t rustic in any way, it was new and super designy and full of tanned, genetic-jackpot French families. The owners chose the food and wine for us, and it was so simple, and so tasty, and so obviously fresh and made with love.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

What you think about, you bring about. So, you know, think good shit.

Check out Zoe’s website at www.zotheysay.com and follow her on Instagram at @zotheysay