“Break Things. Feel Good.”

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with #feelz that you wanted to grab the closest object and hurl it at a wall? Or just felt the urge to engage in destructive behaviour? Enter, The Break Room.

The Break Room provides an opportunity to let that rage out that via a big brick wall, a baseball bat and a crate of crockery. Business founder, Ed Hunter, is no psychologist, however, understands the cathartic nature of letting go in a controlled and safe environment.

The experience begins with a safety briefing and an introduction to the venue. You’re issued with safety gear, a crate of crockery and a bright pink baseball bat.

You’ll be shown into the room and then left alone to aim your aggressions, frustrations and insecurities at the glassware and ceramics. You will feel euphoric, powerful and a little bit sweaty.

If you’re in Melbourne and feel the need to harness your destructive tendencies or need a unique idea for a hens, bucks or birthday party,  The Break Room experience is for you.

For more information and session bookings, visit: https://www.thebreakroom.com.au/

Post written by @chrisnayna

 The Break Room
The Break Room
The Break Room