Helen is the lovely lady behind @helenrelativestyle, an Instagram-based food blog celebrating all things foodie in Perth and beyond. She’s such a great person, and I’m always so excited to run into her at events. She’s a full bottle on what’s hot in Perth, and shares her favourite foodie haunts below. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself – how would you introduce yourself at a dinner party?

I’m a passionate foodie.  I know this sounds a bit cliche but I am! Put me in a room with like-minded foodies talking all things food and I’m in my element.  After 12 years in the airline industry and travelling all over the world I decided to give it all away and concentrate on my passion and entered the world of Instagram and photography. Every week I map out what cafe or restaurant I’m going to explore and post to Instagram. I love discovering all things food, both in Perth and overseas when we travel.

Can you please tell us about your gorgeous Instagram page @helenrelativestyle – how did the page start and what’s your brand all about? 

Posting to Instagram seemed a perfect channel to showcase where I had been and also for my love of food photography.  As the old saying goes “We eat with our eyes” – Helenrelativestyle stemmed from this.  I get really excited taking a photograph of something presented beautifully on a plate. Style doesn’t have to be just about fashion. The way that food is presented on a plate and the surroundings that you eat in is all relative and that food can be all about style also. Hence, the name. Style is relative to the individual.

Helen Relative Style

Photo credit: @helenrelativestyle

Why did you decide to focus on food? Have you always been a foodie?

I have always held a fascination with food. From a young age food and cooking has been my life. From the moment I wake up to the moment I close my eyes I think about food. What I’m going to cook to where I’m going to eat next.

How have you seen the dining scene in Perth evolve? Do you think that social media has had a part to play in the direction its taken?

The Perth dining scene has evolved immensely over the last few years. Particularly, the fine dining scene.  I find in Perth, diners are going out for dinner and wanting to share plates of food and a more relaxed experience. There are some fantastic choices for special occasions in Perth.

The brunch scene has exploded here! You can dine on amazing innovative food with accomplished chefs moving into the cafe scene.  Social media has contributed immensely to this shift showcasing the delicious plates that cafes are creating for brunch.

What are some of your favourite additions to the Perth foodie scene that have opened over the last couple of years? 

The Perth CBD has come alive with the opening of the State Buildings. From Long Chim, Petition Kitchen, Post and Wildflower.  Such a fabulous choice of dining experiences, perfect for a “staycation” in Perth.

We would love to know – what are your top three places to go for dinner in Perth?

New Normal Bar & Kitchen
A modern menu sourcing all of its produce from the south west.  What I particularly love is it’s dedication to reducing waste.

Young George Fremantle
A very unique neighbourhood bar.  With Melissa Palinkas at the helm focusing on local seasonal produce.

Long Chim State Buildings
Authentic street food with a fun atmosphere.  What’s not to love about this space?! 

Helen Relative Style

Long Chim. Photo credit: @helenrelativestyle

Helen Relative Style

The New Normal. Photo credit: @helenrelativestyle

And your top three spots for breakfast in Perth? 

Mary Street Bakery (any of the venues)
From popping in for a large fresh doughnut with dreamy flavours to a think-outside-the-box brunch dish.

Petition Kitchen
Sophisticated fresh produce-driven brunch dishes. Stunning surroundings.

The Little Banksia
My go-to for consistently stunning brunch dishes.  Such a cute revamped house for all ages.

Helen Relative Style

The Little Banksia. Photo credit: @helenrelativestyle

Last, but not least, best meal you’ve ever had? 

ABC Kitchen in NYC
A restaurant housed in a huge homewares store.  The crab toast created by Chef Dan Kluger is to die for!  The last time I dined here I had the toast for entree and main it was sooo good!

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