The gorgeous Tiffiny Hall is a well known figure in the Australian fitness industry. We caught up with her to chat about her brand new online fitness program (TIFFXO) as well as her favourite spots for a healthy #breakfastinmelbourne. Introducing Tiffiny Hall x 

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m always stumped on this question. When I’m going through Customs and need to fill out my ‘occupation’ on the immigration card, I never know what to write. Trainer? TV presenter? Author? Martial arts Instructor? Business owner? Activewear designer? I’m a mash of everything and I’m lucky I love everything I do. Sometimes I’m writing heavily when I’m focussed on a deadline for a novel, other times in my life I’ve taken a tv contract and been all about the show I’m working on at the time. I have an activewear range out TIFFINY HALL for FILA available exclusively to Harris Scarfe so there are weeks when I’m designing activewear and striving to get the right fits. So life is about ebbs and flows, but at the moment I’m launching my online health and fitness program TIFFXO which I’ve been creating for years. So I’m very much a trainer at the moment loving every nanosecond of creating TIFFXO workouts and content.

I have a real passion for helping others to feel more confident and well. I’ve been teaching fitness and Taekwondo since I was 12 years old in my family Taekwondo school Hall’s Taekwondo. Whilst at University I was teaching in gyms, taking bootcamps, competing in Taekwondo at a high level and instructing in the dojang (taekwondo training hall). I couldn’t get enough. I’ve always dreamt of being able to train everyone, not just those living in Melbourne. I’ve lately seen a bit of decline in the participation of our adult programs at Hall’s and I know it’s because people have zero time. I’ve also seen the rise of untrustworthy, unqualified social media fitness and wellness gurus.

I really wanted to deliver a program that was personal hence the XO because it’s about me giving you some love, and you too giving yourself selflove, a little cuddle for the self goes a long way to staying motivated long term and feeling well. I also wanted to create a program that stayed true to me as an Instructor, actually coaching you every day in a video, time effective, and bursting with all my tips and knowledge from working with humans (not just taking photos on Instagram) for 20 years. I’ve worked with morbidly obese people and helped them to half their body fat percentage and reverse their bio age, I’ve worked with athletes, teenagers, fit and fit-ish people. I have years on the ground, grassroots honing my skills and expertise. I know what works and I can’t wait to share it with you, all tied up in a pretty little package called TIFFXO.

2. Congratulations on the launch of of TiffXO! Can you please tell us a bit about the program? What can people expect? 

Well no other program has ME! A video workout with me every day, I’ll be coaching you every step, kick, punch and sweat moustache along the way. The workouts are 20 minutes long and there is a 10 minute ‘TIFF TEN’ bonus round you can add on if you have time.

I’ve worked hard with my experienced team to bring something new to the health space – as a 6th Dan belt, the martial arts twist to the workouts is a standout! I’ll work everyone’s booty HARD but also feed their bellies with fantastic food that won’t make you feel deprived – you’ll feel fantastic from the inside out!

AND my secret weapon: I bring a unique perspective to achieving a better state of mind – which we all know is a critical part of good health. I’m super excited to share my own version of Poomsae, a series of Taekwondo movements linked to empowering mantras – kind of like Tai Chi, but with my own special twist! Plus my Meditations in Action – for people who don’t have time to meditate – I’ll help you find ways to have peace-out moments whilst doing all your regular daily stuff!

3. Diet is obviously a big part of living a healthy lifestyle – what are your top cafes for a healthy breakfast in Melbourne? 

Darling Street Esspreso 146 Athol St, Moonee Ponds VIC– I love Beau and his team. They are always smiling and super accommodating to health nerds like me. They have milkshake hour that the kids go nuts for (big kids too!), the best gluten free gingerbread people I’ve ever tasted, amazing blends of coffee and they cater healthy cut lunches to our local primary school. They changes the menu every few months so you’re never bored and if you arrive, and they’re out of my favourite Breakfast Balls they always make one for me! Legends.

Little Byrd Café 160 Union Street Ascot Vale – Well I’m there for the gluten free croissants, the eggwhite salmon omelette, the coffee, oh my the coffee! #delicious, the Middle Eastern twist to their breakfast menu is sensational.

Frudeli 8-10 Napier St, Essendon VIC – This husband and wife team are so friendly it’s like stepping into their family kitchen for breakfast. We love their juices, frittatas, home made meatballs, bliss balls, clean salads, awesome coffee and wonderful conversation. It’s a family run business and every meal is served with love.

*Can you tell I love coffee much?

4. Best spots to grab dinner in Melbourne? 

Ichi Ni Nana 127 brunswick street– love Japanese, a very healthy option when dining out. The hand crafted booths are so comfy and intimate. Such a great date night venue!

Supernormal in Flinders Lane – they offer a great sharing menu. So I love to go with friends and share our hearts out and share our food (or not share haha if you’re like me). Delicious Asian fusion.

8Bit in Footscray – best burgers in town! We celebrated my husband’s birthday there this year. He loved playing video games and eating burgers. We have thickshakes, fries and burgers. Hey, once every now and then will never hurt! I’m 80% health ninja but sometimes I’m 20% naughty ninja.

5. When you’re at home, what’s your go-to snack?

I like to keep it super easy peasy so the choc trail mix I’ve put on TIFFXO is one of my fav snacks. I munch away at my computer and it’s better than snacking on sugar. If I feel like a treat snack in the afternoon or after din dins I’ll go my orange pistachio cookie (husband’s favourite!) or a vegan raspberry choc fudge. These are all snack recipes available on TIFFXO. Sooooo good!

6. Best meal you’ve ever had?

My best meal is coming… My husband and I are going to Le Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffle Tower in Paris in December. We will be celebrating our delayed honeymoon. Two years after marrying!

It has been a long time coming. I studied French at University so I’ve been practicing ordering in French: L’ecrou croustillant du chocolat de notre manufacture a Paris (crispy tower nut chocolate from their own chocolate manufactuere in Paris) YUMO!

7. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I come from a family of black belts. My parents are both Taekwondo Instructors and opened the first full time Taekwondo training facility the year I was born, Hall’s Taekwondo. Dad is an 8th Dan black belt Master and former Olympic coach. When I first started out training in the dojang (training hall) and I was struggling at school and struggling to learn the piano, he always said “a black belt is simply a white belt who has never given up”. I’ve applied this to every pursuit – my studies at University, my ambitions to publish my fiction, my dream of launching TIFFXO. I work hard and don’t give up.

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