Heidi Anderson is bloody fabulous. She is the co-host of 92.9’s hit radio show Heidi, Will and Woody, an ambassador for the Freo Dockers’ women’s AFL team, a Perth Now columnist, and proud advocate for raising awareness and increasing understanding of mental health issues (to name a few achievements  – there’s oodles more!). I recently caught up with Heidi for #breakfastinperth at Pixel Coffee in Leederville, and found out more about what makes her tick. Introducing Heidi Anderson x

1. You’re well-known for co-hosting 92.9’s brekkie radio show, being a digital content creator and Perth Now columnist, but how would you describe yourself? What are you most passionate about?

I don’t know how I see myself ha ha I definitely think I’m not as fun as I used to be and that bothers me. I used to be wild and free and not give a shit as much about people’s thoughts. I’m passionate about life but I can be a bit uptight when it comes to achieving my goals. I love people but I can also really dislike them ha ha I love connecting and chatting about life. I’m not one to just scratch the surface, I like to go deep almost straight away. I’m passionate about my job, my boyfriend and staying happy!

2. I LOVE your commitment to being genuine, talking about mental health and showing your audience a “no-filter” take on your life, what made you so committed to this? 

I’ve always been brutally honest and very open. I wear my heart on my sleeve and take after my dad in that regards. Some people warm to it and some others don’t mesh with it. I can’t be bothered with bull shit and I hate being fake with people, so I always just say it as I see it. When I first got into radio, I thought I was just going to be the fat, funny girl for my career and to be honest I didn’t show my deeply emotional side until about 16 months into my first brekky radio gig in Bunbury. And then one day I opened up about my body image issues and the phone lines melted. I realised the power of connection with your listener and being 100% real. I could be the funny gal and succeed but being honest, real and raw with my audience was me being my authentic self and even if I didn’t succeed I was connecting with people. It was a big moment for me.

3. It seems like a lot of people are afraid of showing their imperfections for fear of judgment, what’s been the general reaction to your approach? Has it helped you personally?

Showcasing your imperfections is being real, if people don’t like you for that – fuck em! They’re not worth worrying about. For far too long, I’ve been too bothered by what people think.

No one is perfect and accepting and embracing that is all a part of the journey. Look I’m still a work in progress and everyday I work at being better than I was yesterday. Life is too short to be unhappy and if I’m being untruthful I feel like I’m not living my true, authentic life. If I’ve got something on my mind, I have to say it, it makes others feel less alone. We are in this together you know 😉

4. Looking back, is there anything you wish your teenage self had known? And secondly, what piece of advice would you give to women (or men!) struggling with self-doubt and anxiety? 

I wish I didn’t believe that being skinny meant I would be successful. This is something I’ve battled for a very long time and still do today. Loving myself warts and all and embracing my shit hot self is something I wish I’d taught myself earlier. Placing value on looks began when I was very young and it was all to do with boys.

I actually have many things. I wish I’d known how damn hard smoking would be to give up a couple of years ago and I wish I’d never bloody started! It’s a fierce addiction, once I got hypnotised I’ve been able to combat it.

It’s a tough one for me to give advice on self doubt as this is my biggest issue and something I still battle everyday and this has played a massive role with my anxiety. I’ve done loads of things, psych, self help books, oils, courses etc but the best thing for me has been talking about it and being open and letting people understand my insecurities and being vulnerable. Also changing my mindset through meditation / self help and courses has been a big help!

5. Having down time is obviously a big part of staying mentally healthy, when you’ve got some time off where do you like to head for breakfast in Perth?

Yep hanging with my gal pals and checking in is a big one.

We’re obsessed with Pearfect Pantry – the food is sensational, vegan, not that I am but my bestie is. Fresh and the flavours are explosive. It’s super chilled and the service is so quick!

Love me some Pixel on Oxford Street – their protein bowls with greens are delish and coffee is amaze!!

Yelo at Trigg Beach is just delightful. The coffee and the girls and the view are all divine!!

6. And for dinner/drinks? 

Love me some Lebanese. Little Lebanon is Griff and my reg, it’s metres from our house. The food is to die for.

We also love our dumplings – New Moon in Northbridge for Yum Cha. The bomb!

We also change places for date night all the time. We’re a big picnic couple- nibbles & champagne.

For drinks, we used to spend a lot of time at Hillarys in summer at The Breakwater but again we bar hop all the time with date nights and change it up.

I also love Veggie Mama!!! I eat here all meals sometimes! The best.

7. Last, but not least, what’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

My mums nachos from her coffee shop in Bathurst are the absolute bomb!!! Or her meatloaf. Yummy!!!

You can catch Heidi every morning on 92.9’s breakfast radio show Heidi, Will & Woody. You can also check out her website http://realheidi.com/, follow her on the ‘Gram at @realheidi, and Facey stalk her at https://www.facebook.com/theheidianderson/

Heidi Anderson

Acai bowl at Pixel Coffee

Heidi Anderson

Iced coffees at Pixel Coffee

Heidi Anderson

The ‘Nourish Bowl’ at Pixel Coffee