We are delighted to be supporting the RSPCA’s Choose Wisely initiative. It’s an online directory that promotes cafes and restaurants that are serving humane food which, in layman’s terms, refers to food that is produced with the welfare of the animal as priority.

A big example of this is the use of cage-free eggs. Currently, most eggs come from hens housed in battery cages. These cages are not big enough for the hen to exist healthily and happily, with them unable to perform natural behaviour like flapping their wings or nesting properly.

On face value, Jamie’s Italian probably wouldn’t spring to mind as a venue that you’d think about in the context of eggs. For me personally, I immediately thought of breakfast-centric spots like cafes. However, when you consider that there’s egg in all their pasta dishes (sans the gluten-free ones) and in many other dishes like arancini, you could imagine that their egg order would be pretty sizeable.

As such, it was great to learn that Jamie’s are one of many businesses who are using cage-free eggs and are committed to sourcing higher welfare meat from Australian farms.

How can you help?

There are many restaurants and cafes who, like Jamie’s Italian, are committed to sourcing humane food. By supporting and promoting these venues it encourages other venues to follow suit and start doing the same. You can find out which restaurants are taking part at www.choosewisely.org.au, follow the initiative on the gram at @rspcachoosewisely and eat delicious, humane pasta at Jamie’s Italian.