So, you’ve powered up with a great #breakfastinmelbourne, what next? Our Health and Fitness Director Chris Nayna has been tasked with finding three FUN ways to exercise in Melbourne. Challenge accepted.

Having variable training styles is a great way to explore your body, test its functionality and discover what you enjoy doing. Regular physical exercise doesn’t have to be challenging or boring. I’ve explored some fun ways to spice up your training routine.

Bounce Inc

Aerial manoeuvres, slam dunking, wall running, dodge ball or simply jumping up and down, Bounce is the place to work up a sweat. With over 100 interconnected trampolines and an extremely large safe landing bag, this makes a big kid like myself very excited. Sessions run on the hour to bounce at your own leisure or you can take part in a Bounce Fit class. Core, Move and Blast classes are designed to get your whole body moving to work up a real sweat.

Rock Climbing

No experience, no worries. Hard Rock is a much safer and non-weather dependant way to experience rock climbing. With equipment and safety instruction lesson provided, all you need is a climbing partner to belay. With many climbing options ranging from beginner to advanced, indoor rock climbing provides an amazing whole body-work out.

Fly Boarding

Here’s an experience guaranteed to get your heart rate up. Fly-boarding is an extreme water sport allowing you to glide through the water and up to 30feet into the air. The intuitive feel of the water powered jet pack generally takes around 20minutes to learn. Like learning to walk, once you find your balance you’re good to go.

Article written by Chris Nayna – check out Chris’ video of his experiences below!