So look, “Five Fremantle Favourites” would have made for a really nice alliteration, but then other places kept coming to mind and gosh darn it now there’s eight places you should try. Here they are!

George Street Quarters

Oh man oh man East Fremantle is so freaking CUTE. And this place fits the vibe perfectly. The Quarters are where you can enjoy all day brekkie, lunch and dinner and their counterpart (George Street Merchants) are where you can pick up gourmet foodie things.

Ari and Esmay

Another cute East Fremantle cafe that also whips up the most glorious bespoke cakes going around. Plus, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays they do high tea.

Gratias East Fremantle

This place has the best vibe to it, particularly on Friday nights when they have local musicians come in and play acoustic shows in their back courtyard area. Their food is organic, GM-free, and plant-based. They’re all about being the change you want to see in the world and thus have a zero-food-waste composting system and plastic-free kitchen. Woohoo!

Moore and Moore

A Fremantle staple that can be found down one of the glorious old streets that give Fremantle its unique charm. A great cafe with different rooms to enjoy and explore, a function space and gallery. #triplethreat

The Coolroom

I’ve said it once (possibly twice, potentially even thrice) and I’ll say it again – haloumi bruschetta. They’re only open a couple of days a week but this quirky little spot is a bloody good find.


There’s nothing better than an acai bowl on a hot Perth day. Ohana are the OG acai masters of Perth, and they are a must-visit after a cheeky dip at the beach.

Duck Duck Bruce

This cafe is housed in the cutest “quintessential Freo” house just off the main drag of the cappuccino strip. Their smashed avo involves peas (#winningcombo) and the interior is as cute as a button.

Bread in Common

Another venue doing the avo and peas thing but this time with asparagus, ricotta, mint and lemon – YUM. This dinner favourite comes through on the brekkie front and even does breakfast cocktails too.