In addition to being a DJ, model, industrial design student, and super nice dude,  Jye is also a full bottle on the best brekkie spots in Bondi. Introducing Jye Emdur x 

  1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m a 21 year old student, DJ and model from Bondi, Sydney, Aus. Born and bred here I love traveling the globe but Bondi will always be home for me.. Growing up by the beach; I love surfing, swimming, skating and enjoying the strong Sydney sun.

I juggle a lot in my day to day life, uni about 4 days a week, modeling in between that and I DJ all over Sydney about 3-4 times a week…

  1. Between DJ’ing, modelling and studying industrial design you seem to have a lot on your plate! How did your involvement in each come about? 

I’ve always wanted to study at university, and over the years design became a passion of mine and I knew that’s what I wanted to study.

I started DJ’ing about 6 years ago, owned my own little mobile DJ business and then fell into venues and gigs since the day I turned 18, I’ve only started modeling quite recently but i’m really enjoying it so far!

  1. You recently made your catwalk debut for Myer (congratulations!), what was it like being part of such an iconic fashion event? Do you have any advice for aspiring models? 

Thank you 🙂 It was great, so much fun, with a bunch of lovely people! Such a great experience!
Keep trying, don’t stop because you didn’t make one casting or one job… If you persist you’ll find the right job for you.

  1. And now for the food… As a born and bred Sydney-sider, we’d love to know your top foodie spots in Sydney.

BREAKY: Porch and Parlour, right opposite Bondi, great place to meet friends, pre/post Bondi runs or days down at the beach, great coffees and morning juices and even better food.

BREAKY: Speedos, up on the north hill of bondi, tables look over the gorgeous beach… can sit there have a coffee, juice or cronut and watch the waves roll through.

BREAKY: Lox, Stock and Barrel, around the corner from the beach, it feels like a ‘local’ spot, always bump into mates when you eat there.

ANYTIME: The Grounds, great food and awesome venue! weekend activities, pop up stores, petting zoos, their own animals, I feel like I could spend hours on end there… it’s not just a restaurant.

BREAKY: Grumpys, smashed avo, fetta, lemon on sour dough and a green juice – can’t go wrong.

DINNER: Meet the Greek, best Greek food I’ve had out of Greece… It’s one of my favourite pick and share places to go.

  1. And, lastly, best meal you’ve ever had? 

Favourite meal, impossible to choose! However, my mum is the best cook I know.


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