Our resident health and fitness guru Chris Nayna has been incorporating reformer Pilates into his work out routine. Here’s why.

If you’re searching for a mind-body practice to improve core strength and poise, then reformer Pilates is the practice for you.

1. It’s appropriate for all fitness levels.

The reformer is a bed-like frame with a foot bar and a sliding platform that moves back and forth on wheels. The springs are directly attached to the sliding platform and regulate the resistance of the carriage. This makes it low impact, meaning that it’s suitable for people of all skill and strength levels to work out.

In fact, the reformer was created by Joseph Pilates during WW1 to rehabilitate bed bound soldiers injured in battle. If bed bound and wounded soldiers can do it, so can you!

2. It’s versatile.

Exercises can be performed seated, standing, laying down, and you can be pushing or pulling. This gives you the ability to use every muscle group. It will test your strength, co-ordination, balance, flexibility and endurance and provide a great whole body workout.

3. It helps you develop a rock-hard and symmetrical core.

There’s no escaping your abs in Pilates.

It involves a lot of core work. As such, it aids muscle development in that area and creates a more balanced body.

4. It improves coordination.

Pilates involves controlled movement, rather than rushed exercises (let’s be honest, who hasn’t zoomed through those last squats at the gym when you just want to finish up..).

It’s this control that makes your stronger, and more coordinated.

Plus, your breath works in synergy with your movement. This promotes oxygen delivery to the muscles and encourages you to brace your core to support your movements and allow you to explore greater ranges of motion.

5. It’s fun.

Last but not least, it’s genuinely an enjoyable workout. The movements are diverse, and the stretching component will leave your body feeling amazing.

Reformer Pilates may look deceivingly easy, however, I assure you that everyone can be challenged and I encourage more guys to try it out.

Post written by @chrisnayna

Big thanks to KX Pilates Knox for making us fall in love with reformer Pilates! If you’re looking for an awesome studio, these guys are our go-to.