Our resident PT Chris Nayna has just launched his new health program – ‘The Trainsformation Program’. We sat down with him to chat about his training style, how he’s working to help people create lasting habits and common mistakes to avoid when taking on a new health and fitness regime.

Could you please tell us about your approach to training?

The best way to describe my approach to training is that I am a generalist. I have always been interested in a wide range of training disciplines including resistance training, football, yoga, pilates, skateboarding, mountain bike riding and basketball to name a few. I find the generalist approach to training enables you to find a flow state through exercise and makes us more dynamic human-beings. However, if you were to pin down a single training style that I have spent most of my time doing, it’s resistance training.

* Flow = being in the zone, when you’re fully immersed an activity and feeling energised, focussed, and enjoying the process.

How does your new program reflect this approach and what gaps does it address that other training programs don’t?

In my opinion, the best type of training is the type that you enjoy doing. This is a concept that the program covers in the fifth week ‘Move’, where you explore the components, styles, and principles of fitness. I customise each client’s experience, working with them to create a training program that will help them achieve their goals, and complement the other work they do during the program.

In regards to the gaps that the Trainsformation Program address that others don’t, it teaches you how to create a program rather than just getting you to follow one. I very much work with clients to ensure that their experience is tailored to them and in keeping with the goals they’ve set. Understanding and applying rationale to your training program is far more beneficial long term than just following one.

What can people expect from the program?

The Trainsformation Program demands about 1.5 hours of your week for 6 weeks and covers essential topics for living a sustainable, goal-focussed, values-driven and health conscious lifestyle. The topics include:

GOALSET – Turn vague aspirations into concrete plans.

MINDSET – Positively strengthen your thoughts, feelings and actions towards your goals.

REGULATE – Implement effective time management and productivity strategies.

EAT – Explore an effective, sustainable and results-proven approach to nutrition and how to automate your meal prep.

MOVE – Learn the fundamentals of fitness programming and how to apply the principles to support your fitness goals.

REST – Learn how to manage stress, avoid burning out and the importance of rest.

The program informs and transforms your perspective on these topics, not by giving you the answers but providing you with insight and asking you questions about how you can improve your thoughts, feelings and behaviour towards your goals.

What kinds of results does it generate?

The results vary depending on the individual’s goals. My intention is to have my clients understanding the “why?” of their behaviour, how this does/doesn’t align with their goals, and be best-placed to continue with their new regime long after the program ends. Ultimately, it’s our behaviour and habits that lead to sustainable and long-term change.

The program is still in its infancy and with every group that comes through the program gets better and better. There is a 12 week and 6 month follow up with clients where I document their progress.

What are the most common mistakes you see people making when trying to make significant lifestyle change and/or commit to a new training/eating regime? 

Here are my top 4:

  1. Not having a goal -I believe the biggest mistake is not having a goal or having a goal that is poorly thought out. This is why ‘Goal Set’ is the first topic covered in the program. The goal dictates your actions moving forward. The program doesn’t just help you establish a goal, it gives your goal purpose, it breaks it down into actionable items, it helps you map out its progression, it helps you think about your goals in ways you probably haven’t thought about before.
  2. Setting unrealistic expectations – Whether it be a before and after photo or an impressive ability that someone else has, we often underestimate the time, work and sacrifices required to achieve that particular result. These expectations can cripple our motivation, make us self-critical and be harmful to our progression. The program teaches us that some progress is better than none.
  3. Being disorganised – As the saying goes, “failing to plan, is planning to fail”, I believe in this 100%. Quite often goals are set, but no scheduling or action plan has been created. This is where real goals vanish and die. Time management is paramount if you want to get shit done. The third week of the program, ‘Regulate’ covers this in more detail.
  4. Rolling solo – You’re ambitious if you think you can do it alone. I’m sure you’ve heard the acronym ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ (TEAM). Rely on your tribe, ask for help and help others! I believe the benefits here are abundant.

Is there one health myth you wish you could quash forever?

I hate hearing “fat is bad for you” or “fat makes you fat”. This is absolute B.S. Fat or lipids are vital for hormone production, blood lipid management, nutrient absorption, inflammation control, maintaining healthy cell structure, nervous system, skin and hair and are used as an energy source by the body.

Last but not least, top three healthy Melbourne eateries? 

Fonda (everywhere!)– Bimbap bowls

Lorna (Ferntree Gully) – Smashed Avo

Home aka Train Station Fitness – Nothing beats your own prepped meals 😉

To find out more about Chris and his program, head to https://www.trainstationfitness.com.au/ and check him out on the gram @chrisnayna